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Oriflame VERYME DOUBLE TROUBLE REVIEW (Eyeshadow stick)

HELLO GUYS 😊, I hope you guys are doing well. So as you guys must have read the title, this is my review on oriflame dual colour eyeshadow stick. I have Two of them :

  1. Goddess green-  A combination of light green and bluish green is what this stick has. The texture is semi cream and the pigmentation is nice. You can create any look which has green colour in it. It lasts for 4-5 hours, blending is a little time consuming but get along well. ⬆️ these 2 music notes are the swatches of 2 colours which are there on the stick. 
  2.  Mocha loca- This stick has brown colour on one end and golden on the other. This stick according to me is the most useful one. The brown can be used on eyebrows. This is also 4-5 hours lasting and well pigmented. ⬇️swatch

There are 4 types of sticks with different colour variance. I got it for Rs. 200 each (on discount), it may cost around Rs.250 each which is economical because these sticks are of good quality and can be used in many manners. 

These is a look which I made using goddess green and mocha loca. ⬇️

Rating- 4/5

Thankyou ☺️.

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