Makeup, beauty and lifestyle

In the short span of life🤝

I am writing this because I am a deep thinker 💭 and I love to share my thoughts.

Recently I discovered that humans are  most impulsive then any other creature in the world. Humans are more interested in others life then their own, their thinking, dressing, working all depends on other human beings in the society, even ordering food in a hotel or restaurant depends on what is there on the side person’s table 😛. 

Every human is judged, criticised, appreciated, loved and hated on the external factors more then internal factors.

From skin colour to body shapping to followers on instagram, everybody is running to get such a love which is fictional. Where are we humans going? Where is peace of our  mind going? We all have became a bunch of stress-lovers. 

Don’t smile because the other person is smiling, don’t laugh because your friend is laughing, don’t use something because your favourite celebrity advertised it. Wake up, live your life. You are something of your own. Be a separate entity, not only legally but also mentally.

Thnkyou 💗

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