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Lakmé 9 to 5 crease-less lipstick review 💄 

Hello readers 👨‍🏫

 I hope you all are having a good time ☺️👍🏻. So this blog is all about my review on the Lakmé 9 to 5 crease-less lipsticks. I am using them from past 4 months and I used them enough to write a proper review on them. So here we go!

I have 2 shades in this range of total 13 shades.

  1. RED CHAOS (MR2)- This shade is a beautiful shade , which is nude shade with pink undertones. On my lips it’s like a nude shade. It’s a must have from this range. This colour can be used daily. 
  • It last for 3 hours
  • It is not smudgeproof 
  • It is not transferproof 
  • Every day colour 
  • Can be used in any weather 
  • Creamy texture not so matte 
  • 8/10 (if you want a lipper for regular use)
  • Price- Rs. 450 
  • Swatch ⬇️ (see the pic)This might look brown in the picture but it's nude pinkish

⬆️This might look brown in the picture but it’s nude pinkish colour.

2.  RED COAT (MR1)- 

If you are in a mood to buy a perfect cherry red colour then this is to go for, a red colour is always a must have in your bag to jst pop up yourself for a party look 🎉. This lipper has creamy matte texture. 

  • Stay for 2-3 hours
  • It is not smudgeproof 
  • It is not transferproof
  • Can be made more matte by using tissues 
  • Price- Rs.450/-
  • Swatch ⬇️(pic)Thankyou 😊🤘🏻💄 
Makeup, beauty and lifestyle

In the short span of life🤝

I am writing this because I am a deep thinker 💭 and I love to share my thoughts.

Recently I discovered that humans are  most impulsive then any other creature in the world. Humans are more interested in others life then their own, their thinking, dressing, working all depends on other human beings in the society, even ordering food in a hotel or restaurant depends on what is there on the side person’s table 😛. 

Every human is judged, criticised, appreciated, loved and hated on the external factors more then internal factors.

From skin colour to body shapping to followers on instagram, everybody is running to get such a love which is fictional. Where are we humans going? Where is peace of our  mind going? We all have became a bunch of stress-lovers. 

Don’t smile because the other person is smiling, don’t laugh because your friend is laughing, don’t use something because your favourite celebrity advertised it. Wake up, live your life. You are something of your own. Be a separate entity, not only legally but also mentally.

Thnkyou 💗

Makeup, beauty and lifestyle

Avon beauty products review

Hello guys 😊, it’s your friend pawni to give you all a review about some products of the brand avon. I have been using them from a long time and so I am reviewing them after enough uses.

As you can see in the picture above ⬆️ that I have 2 lipsticks , an eyeliner (which is almost finished 😛), a concealer and a pair of makeup brushes. 

1) LIPSTICK 💄- ‘Avon simply pretty‘ is the rang which is the most affordable and daily wear lipper. You can wear this in your office or college for a everyday look. The one that I have from this range is cherry red which is a beautiful red colour.its creamy in texture and comfortable to wear. It’s transferable and smudgeable.




Next range which is much more on heavy side is Avon true colour perfectly matte lipstick. This lipper is much more long lasting then simply pretty range and as the name says it’s matte in texture. It is good for day party wear and It is smudgeable .there are variety of shades in it. I have the shade coral fever.

Rs- 300-350 

Swatch(⬇️) 2) concealer– the most favourite product of mine from Avon is there concealer. It’s blended well and has medium cover. If you are a beginner then this will be your product to stock on. It can work as a cream soft highlighter also. I have light wheat which matches my skin. 
3) Simply pretty eye liner(black) – If you are in a need of affordable liner which is easy to apply then this is to go for. It comes a nail polish bottle packing and it has a thin brush to apply . Gives u perfect dark line. 
Rs-100(after discount)

4) Makeup brushes- a not to buy if you are a biggner because it’s slightly expensive. They work well, in short they do their job. They don’t shed and the bristles are soft.

Price-799 for set of 2

After discount-Rs 300-500 on different sites

Avon- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thankyou guys I hope you liked my review. 😊

Makeup, beauty and lifestyle

Go grab some life!✌🏼


This world is full of posts of girl power, respect a woman, considering a view of women blah blah. But genuinely womens are considered weak, are meant only for marriage, are a way to get future representatives of the family and most to most are a home maker!

Then why does Indian constitution has rights for women too, only mens have the power to rule may be not in paper or any blog or any post.

Voices, desires, power and respect are meant to give not to talk about. Nobody comes in world with a mark representing any discrimination by god. All that started was by human and all that end will be by humans.