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What does food teaches us? 

Yeah! You read it right..☺️

Have you ever wondered what food can teach us? 🤔What a pizza can teach us ? It’s really deep indeed.. things around us gives us tips to live life but we don’t realise it.

Let me help you out..😇

🍕 PIZZA- One of the most popular dishe we all eat. It teaches us that without hard work and struggle you can not come to a position or get success, in the same manner as without getting heated in oven the pizza doesn’t gain its taste, it is raw and unwanted initially and nobody appreciates that.

Taste of life is achieved when you are heated in  it. 🎉


It teaches us to get into the moulds and get friendly with every ingredient in it so that all can come together and create something worth purchasing and worth eating.

Same is the man’s life , he has to come together with others and get friendly with them to get them working for you and then create something which is worth doing a business on.


What is a dal without tadka? Not a great taste or more over tasteless, right?

The simple and sorted dal can only handle hot and spicy 🌶 tadka in it and still dal has its own shine, its own structure in the dish.. it takes the tadka to make itself delicious.

In the same way man should also be simple, sorted and strong enough to handle spicy (hard) situations in life and come out shining bright with his more strong mind and body.


If you taste white sauce it doesn’t has a great noticeable taste of its own and neither a structure to showcase. It requires ingredients like pepper, oregano 🌿, basil and vegetables sometimes and lots more to make it yummy and make it into a dish.

A white sauce is nothing without its fellow ingredients in the same manner a leader is nothing without its followers. A leader is like a plain white sauce which gets its position due to its ingredients or followers. If you are a leader you should always appreciate and respect your followers.

Thankyou 😊

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